Welcome to MagiClean Maintenance

MagiClean Maintenance Inc. provides professional cleaning services to property owners, managers and developers throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding area. These services include General Cleaning, Floor Care, Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and more. We are committed to providing excellent service which has helped us to become a leading provider of janitorial services in the area. Through careful selection and training of our staff as well as superior supervision, you can be assured that we will perform consistently and reliably each and every day. All companies have different levels of expectations and budgets when it comes to cleaning maintenance. At MagiClean, we understand this complex thought process and have created different cleaning packages for our clients. Whether your budget is high or low we have a package for you and your company. We are willing to work very hard to make sure that our cost and your expectations are met. After all, our company was created in order to meet the expectation of our clients needs. Communication is our number one asset! We are licensed, bonded, insured and our employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance.